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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Adventures in Drop-Spinning

I've taken a small break from crochet work to do some more drop-spinning.  I'm actually really excited about it, partially because I have a new drop-spindle that I ordered from a great local business!  I first learned of them (Shepherd's Custom Woodworking) when I went to the Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair back in August.  If you want to check out what they offer (they have a lot of great knitting and crochet accessories) check out their Etsy shop, or their Facebook page.

Anyway, I'm back to playing with my fiber stash, and it's great!  Once I get things spun up and plyed appropriately, I'll share photos.

*If you're looking to order/buy fiber, check out these businesses.  I love what they have to offer.
Dyed in the Wool Biz - They offer lots of great rovings and a fiber of the month club.  They're also a great learning resource for spinning and weaving.  One of the owners was actually the one who taught me how to drop-spin!  

Unplanned Peacock Studio - So much to offer, and it's all gorgeous!  They have hand-dyed, hand-spun yarns available, as well as hand-dyed fiber that you can spin yourself.  There are tons of great colorways available!

Christi's Just for Ewe - This lovely lady is located in Marblehead, Ohio.  She has a great little yarn shop, art retreat, a gift shop, and a few resident sheep that provide the fiber she sells.  She has a great variety of product, from hand-dyed and hand-spun yarns to some of the higher end offerings like Noro.  If you ever happen to be up on the lakeshore, she's definitely a great place to check out!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Commission in Progress!

Time flies when you're having fun!  I've been keeping myself busy this winter with commission work.  I have a lovely afghan in progress for a friend, and I think it's going to be awesome when finished.

The first steps - 1/18/15
She said she wanted neon pink and black, so I went out yarn shopping and got her okay on this color combination.  As I started work on the afghan for her, I realized that if I stuck to just the above 3 colors, I would have to get more yarn.  I'm a bit lazy, so I wanted to avoid that.

There's almost a full color pattern established! - 1/25/15
I found the purple and blue colors buried in my yarn stash.  They were leftovers from another project, and as luck would have it, they matched the variegated yarn!

It's getting there - 2/11/15
I was hoping to have things completed by Valentine's Day, but I just started working full-time again at the beginning of February.  I'm hoping that working on this in the evenings and over the weekend will mean it gets finished before March hits.  We'll see.  ^_^