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Friday, January 20, 2017

Temperature Blanket - The Beginning

I have a new project in the works!

I know many of you may have seen information floating around about creating temperature blankets.  I looked into it, and decided that it would be a great project for 2017.  :)

For those who aren't familiar with the concept, a temperature blanket is based off of the daily high temperatures for the year.  In my case, each row will correspond to the recorded high temperature of the day in my hometown.  Since I'm running with the recorded temperatures for 2017, this will end up being a year-long project.  I think I can handle crocheting a row a day!

Anyway, here's the color chart I have set up for the project:
  • 0-10*F - White (Caron Simply Soft)
  • 11-20*F - Soft Blue (Caron Simply Soft)
  • 21-30*F - Mid Blue (Red Heart Soft)
  • 31-40*F - Turquoise (Red Heart Soft)
  • 41-50*F - Deep Sea (Red Heart Soft)
  • 51-60*F - Guacamole (Red Heart Soft)
  • 61-70*F - Sunshine (Caron Simply Soft)
  • 71-80*F - Tangerine (Red Heart Soft)
  • 81-90*F - Really Red (Red Heart Soft)
  • 91-100*F - Berry (Red Heart Soft)
I'm looking forward to seeing how things end up turning out!